Sun Powered & Soil Grown

Our Story

A Culinary Start

In 1970 Vern Meyer was one of the youngest, most celebrated chefs in Chicago. By the 1980’s Meyer – in need of the freshest ingredients – started his own herb garden. By the 1990’s Meyer developed a better way to grow and package fresh herbs and greens. He became an herb expert and pioneered industry-changing fresh herb solutions while employing over 300 people in two countries. He called his new business The Herbal Garden.

During the last 10 years Meyer has continued his involvement in the produce industry by helping clients grow and create value-added products while continuing to innovate packaging, fulfillment, distribution and marketing solutions. Working internationally, he called this company World Wide Farms. 

In the 2000’s, along with his partners, he created Meyer Farms with the belief that eating well is key to a healthy life. 

We specialize in growing fresh herbs and greens, growing year-round at our farms in Illinois and Mexico. Our team of farm nerds are dedicated to growing the healthiest organic produce. 

Powered by the sun and grown in the soil since 1986, we are proud to say we are the oldest certified organic herb farm in the United States.