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The Meyer Farms Ladies

We have a small flock of chickens at the farm. Currently, we have about 30 ladies roaming around. All of the chickens are hens of a laying age with the exception of one which is our Bantam Mille Fleur rooster which you can hear in the mornings.

Our chickens live in a very large fenced run just a short walk from the farmstand. In addition to the organic feed mix that we provide to the ladies, they have daily unlimited access to sunshine, grass, weeds, seeds, bugs and the occasional mouse. We also provide them with some of our fresh organic greens and veggies too. Mint goes into the chicken coop and the laying boxes, as it helps ward off mites, and is helpful in promoting egg laying.

Our chicken breeds include:

    New Hampshire Red,Buff Orpington,Dominique,Salmon Favorelle,Silver Lace Wyandotte,Cinnamon Queen,Easter Egger,Delaware/New Hampshire Blend,Sunnyside Special Black,Golden Buff,White Plymouth Rock,Speckled Sussex,Black Australorp,Bantam Mille Fleur

Our Boys

If you have visited the farm lately, you will have seen two new additions to the chicken coop…Elvis and Bravo, our male sheep. They keep the grass trimmed and the ladies happy. A big thanks to the kids from our cooking class for coming up with the names for the boys. Throughout the day, you will hear the sheep making many different sounds. Bleating (baaing) is a term used for their main communication and vocalization to each other. When you visit, make sure you say hello to Elvis and Bravo—they will be sure to baa a hello right back!

Feed The Animals

Feel free to stop into the farmstand to get some organic greens to go feed the chickens and the sheep. You’re welcome to feed them anytime the farmstand is open!

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